The Smiths - Dingwalls, Camden, London, 9th August 1983 [R.C. Version] [Dream Remaster]

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The Smiths - Dingwalls, Camden, London, 9th August 1983 [R.C. Version] [Dream Remaster]
Source Audience Recording
Track List:-
01 - You've Got Everything Now
02 - What Difference Does It Make?
03 - Handsome Devil
04 - Wonderful Woman
05 - Reel Around The Fountain
06 - These Things Take Time
07 - I Don't Owe You Anything
08 - Hand In Glove
09 - Miserable Lie
10 - Accept Yourself
11 - Hand In Glove
12 - Handsome Devil
R.C. Tape [TDK D Normal Bias] > Yamaha KX-580 Special Edition Cassette Deck >
Realtek ALC269 > Audacity > WAV > Restoration & Remastering > FLAC [Level 8]
This comes from my blog friend R.C.
As always a HUGE thank you to him for his generous shares.
Would be interested with what others think of this.
Is is better quality than the one(s) that are circulated I think.
Still loads of ******* talkers chatting away!!
Any comments (good/bad) please come forward with them!
Remaster Notes:-
Took some restoration well.
Did what I could with the mastering, sounds okay.
Still suffers from level issues at times in some places.
Biggest issue still the ******** talkers!!
"The lyrics are new, but the music is old".
If you have this already this version is a step up on it,
not a massive improvement to be fair, but a step in the right direction.
It was probably a 5/10 now 6.5/10.
Dream Remastered @ Reflecting Sound Studios, Southampton, England, 2019.
Do NOT sell this recording.
Freely given to you, so don't charge others.
Do NOT sell it on Ebay or Ioffer or any other place.
Buy the records/CD's/Go to shows if there are any.
Support the artist anyway you can.
Failure to comply will result in the karma police visiting.
Want to share this?
That is fine all that I ask is keep these notes with your shares, thank you.
Links to the files are here on my blog:
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