New Rainbow Six Siege map has a Dark Souls bonfire

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Wind Bastion comes with a new map called Fortress – it’s a fortified Moroccan kasbah full of unique architecture and decoration. But it also holds a wry nod to Dark Souls – from the right angle, you can spot a kindled bonfire.
Found within the Fortress map is a fire that looks normal enough from the front, but taking a look at it from the other side reveals that it’s actually a homage to Dark Souls and the other games within the series. A Redditor by the name of NikoLetsGoBwlin (via PCGamesN) showed what happens when a player tosses a drone at some bricks that sit just under the fire. By flinging the drone there and maneuvering it to face back towards the player, a different version of the fire can be seen, one that much more closely resembles the Dark Souls bonfire that has a sword stuck into it. A fire is just a fire in most games, but any fire with a sword resting inside it is a pretty clear nod to Dark Souls.
Niko even added "Bonfire Lit" text at the end of the video to make the things even clearer but the resemblance is pretty straightforward to anyone who made it to the first Bonfire in Dark Souls. Bonfires are checkpoints in Dark Souls and can also be used to restore health. Come to now, you can buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety. It would be interesting to see the outcome if Ubisoft added a similar feature to their own bonfire. We would probably have a game-breaking mechanic with wounded operators running deep into the building just to restore some health by the fire.
It's not the first time that Dark Souls' Bonfire has been included in other games. Borderlands 2 had a Bonfire Island with two characters sitting around the fire. One was named Solitaire which is a clear reference to the knight Solaire of Astora. Overwatch, for example, has a similar Easter egg on the Eichenwalde map. When taking a certain route through the map, players will encounter a room that looks familiar to any Dark Souls player, a room built of stone with a lit bonfire in the middle and a sword plunged into the fire.
Ubisoft Montreal has managed to ride out a disastrous launch and grow the game from a concurrent playerbase of a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. But with such an expanded audience, the addition of eight new operators every year, and a burgeoning esports scene, the task of pushing the game forward without upsetting anyone is harder than ever. Stay tuned on for the most timely news and guide for Rainbow Six Siege.
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