The Smiths - Brixton Academy, London, 1st March 1985 [I.D.S.I.D. Remaster]

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The Smiths - Brixton Academy, London, 1st March 1985 [I.D.S.I.D. Remaster]
Source Audience
Track List:-
01 - Intro
02 - William, It Was Really Nothing
03 - I Want The One I Can't Have
04 - What She Said
05 - Handsome Devil
06 - How Soon Is Now?
07 - Shakespeare's Sister
08 - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
09 - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
10 - Stretch Out And Wait
11 - Rusholme Ruffians
12 - Hand In Glove
13 - The Headmaster Ritual
14 - Nowhere Fast
15 - Still Ill
16 - Meat Is Murder
17 - Miserable Lie
18 - Barbarism Begins At Home
19 - "Good News & Bad News, Found Your Bagage, It's In Brixton Police Station"
20 - You've Got Everything Now
21 - These Things Take Time
Remaster Notes:-
Many thanks & much appreciation to Steve for sharing his treasures.
The biggest issue with this was the recording levels.
They were a little unbalanced & there was some minor distortion (brickwalling) on the vocals.
This was adjusted to give as even a signal level as possible.
The vocal distortion remains, it is there & we will have to live with it.
Tracks 3,4,5 & 6 are the worst for level issues.
The levels still aren't 100%, maybe 90%/95% as a whole show, acceptable enough (I.M.O.).
Track 5 had a big dip in the levels @ 1:35 - 1:45, which I have done my best to correct.
I ended up adding one extra track.
It needed only minor "treatment" & sounds really good, which shows what a great job was done at the recording stage.
I can only improve what Steve captured originally.
As always,
An "I Don't Sleep, I Dream" Presentation, 2016.
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Interesting. Thanks!
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