Wilde About The Smiths [Crazy-Col Remaster 2014]

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The Smiths - Wilde About The Smiths [Crazy-Col Remaster 2014]
Track List:-
01 - Hand In Glove
02 - Panic
03 - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
04 - Miserable Lie
05 - How Soon Is Now?
06 - I Don't Owe You Anything
07 - Hand In Glove
08 - Vicar In A Tutu
09 - Meat Is Murder
10 - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
11 - Accept Yourself
12 - Sheila Take A Bow
13 - The Queen Is Dead
14 - Still Ill
15 - Girl Afraid
16 - Barbarism Begins At Home
17 - This Charming Man
18 - Jeane
19 - I Know It's Over
20 - Still Ill / This Charming Man / Hand In Glove
Sourced from:-
01 - The Hacienda, Manchester, 4th February 1983
02 - Eurotube, 1986
03 - L'Eldorado, Paris, 9th May 1984
04 - John Peel Session, 1983
05 - 12 Inch Italian Version Of
06 - Sandie Shaw Vocal - Radio 1's Saturday Live, 14th April 1984
07 - Alternative Mix, Troy Tate Session, 1983
08 - Whistle Test, 20th May 1986
09 - Paseo De Camoeons, Madrid, 5th May 1985
10 - Y.E.S. - Live TV Session, 9th February 1984
11 - Fighting Cocks, Birmingham, 3rd June 1983
12 - The Tube, 1987
13 - Brixton Academy, London, 12th December 1986
14 - The Tube, 1984
15 - Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow, 2nd March 1984
16 - Markthalle, Hamburg, 4th May 1984
17 - Assembly Rooms, Derby, 6th December 1983
18 - Sandie Shaw Vocal - Splat!, 1984
19 - Irvine Meadows, Laguna Hills, CA, 28th August 1986
20 - Interview & Live Excerpts, Datarun, 7th April 1984
CD Silver Disc > EAC > WAV > Audacity [Normalize Files Then Reduce By 4db] > Wavelab [Panning Normalize] >
Soundforge [Noise Reduction & Click Removal] > Izotope Mastering Suite [Remastering] > Audacity [Edits] >
Fairstars Audio Converter [Wav To Flac Conversion (Level 8)] > Smiths Torrent > You
Remastering Notes:-
This was a very interesting project to restore & remaster.
Unlike a gig/concert were once you have the settings sorted for a couple of tracks they will nearly do for all the rest,
this needed sorting for each track on it's own.
Every track presented challenges and there were very few that matched settings with each other.
They have been treated as well as I am able.
Highlights for me are "girl afraid" "barbarism begins at home" "miserable lie" "i know it's over"
"meat is murder"& the sandie shaw songs.
These really knocked me out when they were finished, the remastering worked wonderfully.
Noise reduction & click / crackle removal was applied only as necessary.
There is still hiss in the tracks,
to remove anymore would have compromised the quality of the song & made it sound "flat."
A bit like using Dolby in the old days of cassette tape (you will show your age if you nod knowingly).
Also there are moments of vinyl crackle remaining but they don't infringe too much.
The goal was to get out of the songs what I could.
I tried to make them sound as alive as possible.
What could be done was limited by the quality of the source file sometimes (Oh for access to the masters!!).
You cannot make a badly recorded track good, but you can improve it to make it a more enjoyable listen.
And I guess that is the bottom line, this remaster is ( I hope you'll agree) much more interesting to listen to.
In places it grabs you and draws you in, submerged in the song (which is what a great song should do).
I have loved & admired The Smiths for many decades now & continue to follow them as individual artists.
I tried were possible to bring out the individual instruments & Morrissey's vocals as much as was possible within the mastering but was at times hampered by:
The source material from which I worked with.
The equipment I have.
And of course my skills (or lack of them on several tracks).
This isn't perfect, but it is overall a major improvement to what was there originally.
Not everyone will like what I have done with this, it is mastered to my taste alone,
but I think enough will like it to warrant offering it here.
Okay serious bit now!
**All I ask of you is that you don't profit (sell) this, freely has it been given to you, so please do likewise.**
**By all means share/swap but don't sell please.**
If you want to convert it to a lossy format who am I to tell you no?
You will do it anyway!
If you do please keep the bit rate as high as you can (320 ideally),
if more people get to hear and enjoy it then all the better,
but please keep these notes with any sharing that you do, thanks.
Finally enjoy, it is a great listen & as you must love The Smiths to be hear in the first place you'd be mad to miss it!
Remastered August 2014 by Crazy-Col.
Made In England.
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Post 07-Sep-2014 08:46 (after 15 days)


thank you kindly for your work on this compilation . .
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Wow. I somehow missed this. Thank you. I'll download it later.
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Post 12-Sep-2014 22:31 (after 4 days)


amazing, thanks a lot!!!
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