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Hi all!
I am planning to create a custom Smiths collection. This collection will contain 4CD's of which the first three will be studio recordings, and the third will be with live performances . The three cd's will be organized as follows:
- CD 1: The most popular cheerful, fast paced Smiths songs like Bigmouth Strikes Again, This Charming man, Panic, The boy with the thorn in his side etc.
- CD 2: The darkest, saddest, most depressive, love songs like: I Know its over, Never had no one ever, This night has opened my eyes etc.
- CD 3: The least known Smiths songs (least known is kinda subjective) like: The Draize train, Wonderful Woman, etc.
- CD 4: Live performances: (probably complete Rank album)
I'm not sure about this kind of organization and id appreciate any advice.
I have these Smiths songs. Please check the list and note me if there is any other song, ever performed by them (preferably studio version):
- Accept Yourself;
- Asleep;
- Back to the old House;
- Barbarism begins at home
- Bigmouth strikes again
- The Boy With the thorn in his side
- Cemetry Gates
- Death at ones elbow
- Death of a disco dancer
- Frankly mr Shankly
- Girl Afraid
- Girlfriend in a Coma
- Golden Lights
- Half a Person
- Hand in glove
- The Hand that rocks the cradle
- Handsome Devil
- Headmaster Ritual
- Heaven Knows im miserable now
- How Soon Is Now
- I Dont owe you anything
- I Know its over
- I Started something...
- I Want the one i cant have
- I Wont share you
- Is It Really so strange
- Jeane
- Last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
- London
- Meat is murder
- Miserable Lie
- Money changes everything
- Never Had No one Ever
- Nowhere Fast
- Oscillate Wildly
- Paint a Vulgar Picture
- Panic
- Please, Please, Please,...
- Pretty Girls Make Graves
- The Queen Is Dead
- Reel Around the Fountain
- Rubber Ring
- A rush and a push and a land
- Rusholme Ruffians
- Shakespeare's Sister
- Sheila take a bow
- Shoplifters of the world
- Some girls are bigger than others
- Still Ill
- Stop me if u think that you've heard this one before
- Stretch out and wait
- Suffer Little Children
- Sweet and tender hooligan
- That joke isnt funny anymore
- There is a light that never goes out
- These things take time
- This Charming man
- This Night Has opened my eyes
- Unhappy Birthday
- Unloveable
- Vicar in a tutu
- Well i Wonder
- Whats The World / live (is there a studio version of this???)
- What difference does it make
- What she said
- William, it was really nothing
- Wonderfull Woman (is there a studio version of What do you see in him??!?!)
- Work is a four letter word
- You've got everything now
- You Just havent earned it baby
- The draize train
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Post 04-Oct-2010 16:33 (after 1 hour 49 minutes)


I haven't checked to see if you have all songs but you can check yourself by looking at PJLM.
There's several different versions of each song, plus in a few cases there are studio versions which have leaked but never been officially released.
As for live, I guess Rank and Oxford are easy pickings because the BBC recorded them in high fidelity. Look for the DSAT versions here in this forum because they have tracks that weren't officially released. Other than that, look at Thank Your Lucky Stars.
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Post 04-Oct-2010 20:14 (after 3 hours)


No there aren't studio versions of Whats The World and What Do You See In Him.
As for a live CD I'd definitely recommend the Feb 83 Hacienda gig which has What Do You See In Him, i love it.
You could probably squeeze on one of the extended live versions of Barbarism Begins At Home from the 1985 US tour (around 13 mins) and the first ever live performance of This Charming Man from this gig
That is the only live recording of the original TCM which is as the Peel Session version on Hatful rather than the stop/start regular version.
I'd probably have the recording of How Soon Is Now from the first time it was played
and the DSAT Kilburn National version that didn't make it onto Rank.
Of out-takes the "Italian Mix" of How Soon Is Now is a personal favourite.
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