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Just ahead of this exciting new launch for the multiplayer slice 'em up, Ubisoft has announced that For Honor has hit a particularly impressive new milestone, surpassing 15 million registered players since its launch back in February 2017. Although this is only half of the playerbase of Ubisoft's other popular multiplayer title, Rainbow Six Siege, its still an impressive battalion. Ubisoft will be hoping that the launch of Marching Fire will give For Honor a shot in the arm, much the way the Operation Health project did for Siege last year.
Since you cannot play split screen, the only way to play with others is to actually form a party via the social button at the very top of your screen. This will bring up a tab that lets you manage not only your emblem, faction, and look at your statistics, but also invite players to your game. To do this, click the big Players box on the left-hand side and then you can scroll through a list of people on your friend's list to invite. Trust us, bringing some people to communicate with in the heat of battle will make a big difference in For Honor. Besides, everyone needs to hear you brag when you kick someone off of a cliff with almost no health left.
The community feels that the balance issues have rendered competitive play unfair at best and unplayable at worst. Some players feel as if the dev team disregards player feedback in favour of data, ignoring the overall issue of the Heroes themselves. This appears to have finally hit a breaking point, as several top streamers have announced they're no longer going to put out content for the game. Best and Cheapest FH Steel Credits For Sale -
Content creator Illest Truth stated in a recent video that he will no longer be releasing content on For Honor. The streamer cited a lack of consideration for community input and poor direction among other reasons. He went on to criticize the balance issues, stating that Heroes weren't consistent. Streamers Kenzo and Mulisious have quit as well, citing similar reasons. Some other factors include a lack of motivation and a feeling that For Honor has changed since the expansions release. With some Heroes panned as outright broken and others in dire need of buffs, this is hardly surprising. Ubisoft has marched forward with new game modes, heroes, weapons, and armor. What they haven't focused on, in the communitys opinion, are the most crucial elements of For Honor the gameplay.
Marching Fire, scheduled for release on October 16, is the biggest expansion to For Honor to date. Containing a new mode, Breach, as well as the opportunity to play Endless PvE, the centrepiece of the expansion will be a new faction; the Wu Lin, which brings to battle four new heroes, Tiandi, Jiang Jun, Shaolin and Nuxia. Ubisoft are also planning to implement some tweaks to For Honor's visuals, an in-game dialogue system, as well as general balance changes and bug fixes.
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