The Smiths - Golddiggers, Chippenham, 27th February 1985 [I.D.S.I.D. Remaster]

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The Smiths - Golddiggers, Chippenham, 27th February 1985 [I.D.S.I.D. Remaster]
Source Soundsville Audience
Track List:-
01 - Intro
02 - William It Was Really Nothing
03 - I Want The One I Can't Have
04 - What She Said
05 - Handsome Devil
06 - How Soon Is Now?
07 - Shakespeare's Sister
08 - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
09 - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
10 - Rusholme Ruffians
11 - Hand In Glove
12 - The Headmaster Ritual
13 - Nowhere Fast
14 - Still Ill
15 - Stretch Out And Wait
16 - You've Got Everything Now
17 - Meat Is Murder
18 - Reel Around The Fountain
19 - Barbarism Begins At Home
20 - Miserable Lie
Tracks 01 - 07: Steve's Tape
Tracks 08 - 20: Paul's Tape
Remaster Notes:-
First off many thanks go to Soundville's Steve & Paul for taping this show & sharing.
Without them & Smiths Torrents this wouldn't be here.
The lads did a great job catching this performance, shame that the first seven songs are distorted.
This was a major effort trying to sort out the distortion issues in tracks 01 - 07.
Threw everything I had into this & I think the hard work paid off.
Although I will let you judge for yourself.
The only person I know of who could get it better than it is would be Analog Loyalist,
he is busy working on Pylon material last time he posted on his blog, so I guess mine will have to do for now.
You never know he may remaster it one day.
The distortion is around 90% gone in tracks 01 - 04,
around 80% gone in tracks 05 - 07, what little there is left is bearable I think.
In all 7 tracks the instruments are clear it is only Mozz who distorts.
From track 08 onwards it sounds amazing.
The only negative on tracks 08 - 20 is the tape hiss.
During the songs it isn't an issue, but between songs it is noticeable.
I would personally have the songs sounding the best they can & have the hiss, hope you fine people agree?
I didn't want to use any noise reduction on this, sounds better without.
The remastering side of things went very well, think it sounds very, very good,
it wouldn't be this good if the lads hadn't done a top job with the recording,
I just added to what they recorded & brought it out the best I could.
One final thought I have been to Golddiggers quite a few times back in the 1980's.
Sadly I wasn't there for this.
It was a nightclub by nature & not a live music venue.
I did see some bands there OMD for sure & I know The Style Council played there (there first gig?) but didn't see them.
They played horrendous music (for me) most of the night with the odd gem that got me on the dancefloor!
A sight none should have to witness!
No idea if it is still there?
Must ask my friends from Devizes they will know for sure.
Anyway i'm getting off topic...
Hope you like this version, it rocks!
As always enjoy...
"I Don't Sleep, I Dream" Presentation 1st August 2016.
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Many thanks !!
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Great job, man!!!
Thank you so much!!!
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Many thanks!
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