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Post 18-Sep-2006 03:10


my apologies if this has been asked before, I'm new to the site and to FLAC in general. I tried doing a search on the topic, as I know how annoying repetitive questions can be, so forgive me if this has been beaten to death.
Is there a way to convert FLAC files to mp3 (or aiff or wav) so that they can be imported into iTunes? I have Toast 7, so I know that I can burn them on to a disk, but was wondering if there was a more direct route.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Post 18-Sep-2006 16:32 (after 13 hours)


dbPowerAmp does the job.
Alternatively just burn the FLAC files to a CD and use something like MusicMatch to make the CD into mp3 files.
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Post 20-Oct-2006 07:04 (after 1 month 1 day)


This can be done quite easily with the following steps (assuming a WindowsXP system):
- Open a command-line window and change to the directory where are the flac files
   (e.g. cd "c:\my Flac files")
- Type in the following command, by customising the path to the programs
   for %f in (*.flac) do (c:\programs\FLAC\flac.exe -d "%f" & c:\programs\LAME\lame.exe --preset standard "%~nf.wav" "%~nf.mp3" & del "%~nf.wav")
Short explaination:
Each FLAC file in the current directory will be taken and decoded to a WAV file (using FLAC.EXE).
This WAV file then will be encoded to MP3 (using LAME.EXE with the option --preset standard, which will give you a VBR-MP3 file)
You may customise this setting to your own needs. A list of recommended LAME settings you will find here:
After this is done, the temporary WAV file will be deleted again. Voilà
The neccessary programs (if you don't already got them) you will find here:
FLAC (FLAC Encoder/Decoder):
LAME (MP3 Encoder/Decoder): (direct link LAME 3.97:
Cheers, Demian
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