Johnny Marr - 2013-04-29 Washington DC

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This was originally uploaded by Kubacheck on either DIME or ZOMB.
Johnny Marr
930 Club
Washington, DC
April 29, 2013
SOURCE: mbho603a/ka200 > Naiant adapter cable > Tinybox > Edirol r05 (24/48)
PROCESSING: soundforge 9.0 (tracking, fades, resample, dither) > traders little helper > flac level 8
Taped, Processed, Upped by Kubacheck
d1t01 Intro
d1t02 The Right Thing Thing Right
d1t03 Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
d1t04 Upstarts
d1t05 Sun & Moon
d1t06 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
d1t07 Forbidden City
d1t08 London
d1t09 Lockdown
d1t10 The Messenger
d1t11 Generate! Generate!
d1t12 Say Memesne
d1t13 Bigmouth Strikes Again
d1t14 Word Starts Attack
d1t15 New Town Velocity
d1t16 I Want The Heartbeat
d2t01 I Fought The Law
d2t02 Getting Away With It
d2t03 How Soon Is Now
ffp verification files included
d1t01 Intro.flac:9d7d5540e076e174a3dd4c7b4225355f
d1t02 The Right Thing Thing Right.flac:9a056418b4208b1e8e9c0f8a157baa83
d1t03 Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before.flac:4a2990d0d10df84e004ee2656c93661a
d1t04 Upstarts.flac:8d96e28514d5921291857a07ace4d754
d1t05 Sun & Moon.flac:426813f9647b64d8909026dd395193ef
d1t06 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.flac:5fe67fc6382297422c77fd7fffc2ec48
d1t07 Forbidden City.flac:2da5284244725b8b69c1eeca7f8cb619
d1t08 London.flac:6b51088508b28d7202c5faa02f995b6d
d1t09 Lockdown.flac:9e22e27580fc868f546bd6a2a29d9653
d1t10 The Messenger.flac:6e12b08ded899a0f29b6ac03148e01b6
d1t11 Generate! Generate!.flac:827d6ca59e81feae675c8c1d3b829293
d1t12 Say Memesne.flac:ddc808216976d339579976a4c893865e
d1t13 Bigmouth Strikes Again.flac:0686a6e3baf47e3176c3beed58cbe644
d1t14 Word Starts Attack.flac:c1f4abd9420d59437f5ee9af7394c964
d1t15 New Town Velocity.flac:92dced2522ecb87207885ce33640b6b9
d1t16 I Want The Heartbeat.flac:b4906cf3cefe1f994800915e78852be1
d2t01 I Fought The Law.flac:54d878e8adbf82bcebc60642e71d2b30
d2t02 Getting Away With It.flac:6943b26f72408f829e3dec2c75ce7784
d2t03 How Soon Is Now.flac:d6254d3c730bb9c5ef6849155acdc3cb
notes: hadn't been to the 930 Club for almost a year, then 2 times in a span of 3 days..... good show,
but the sound was not as clear as it was for Robyn Hitchcock 2 days before....
disc 1 is the main body of the show, disc 2 is the encore….
as always:
please do not sell
please do trade freely
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Johnny seeders! Come back!
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Johnny seeders! Come back!
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