Electronic - 1990-08-05 - Los Angeles

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Here's the second show. Can't remember where I got this, but just discovered it on a backup drive. Thanks to the original taper and seeder.
Electronic with the Pet Shop Boys
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California
5 August 1990
Source: 1st Generation Audience
Lineage: Sony WMD3 cassette with included mic -> Nakamichi BX-300 cassette -> Sony DTC-A6 DAT (pass-through) -> optical digital in on PC -> Wavelab -> mkw toolkit -> SHN
Conversion by: superblast!
Size: 346MB
1. intro (by klf?)
2. gangster
3. try all you want (instrumental)
4. reality
5. get the message
6. the patience of a saint
7. getting away with it
8. idiot country
9. tighten up
10. soviet (encore)
In case you aren't familiar with Electronic, the band consists of Bernard Sumner, singer from New Order, and Johnny Marr, guitarist from The Smiths.
This is one of the first two live shows Electronic did when they opened for Depeche Mode on their Violator tour. The crowd wasn't really into it because the album wouldn't be released for many months and the only song people knew in the set was "Getting Away With It". Track three didn't have lyrics yet so it is an instrumental version. The Pet Shop Boys joined on stage for the two songs they recorded with Electronic (6 & 7).
It was recorded from around 20 rows from center stage and I haven't traded it much. I'd say it's about a 7 out of 10 but I'm not an expert on grading. It could certainly use some EQ but this is a straight transfer and I leave that up to the end user. I edited out most of the crowd noise preceding the encore.
I also recorded the Depeche show and it sounds about the same. I'll post that in the future if anyone is really interested.
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Seed... please.
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Please seed!
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