(Update) Maladjusted- tour- soundboard- compilation (secondo)

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Post 04-Sep-2012 01:03


Moz - Maladjusted
Sorry pals about this awful mess, i totally forgot the Modern rock radio live, there was space for 1 more song so modern rock is part of the comp now.
Folks, this compilation have all the soundboard recordings from Maladjusted tour, and as they fit to 1 cd, there isn't a lot.
Source: Soundboard/FM/TV
Sound Quality: A-/A+ (good - Excellent)
Los Angeles 12.10.97'
The Boy Racer
Alma Matters
Billy Budd
Reader Meet Author
Nobody Loves Us
Wide To Receive
Roy's Keen
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Ambitious Outsiders
Paint A Vulgar Picture
Now My Heart Is Full
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Kissimmee 14.11.97'
Paint a vulgar picture
Modern rock, LA 16.8.97'
Letterman show 97'
Alma matters
Top of the pops 97'
Roy's keen
TFI Friday 19.12.97'
Satan rejected my soul
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Post 04-Sep-2012 19:35 (after 18 hours)


Thank you very much , wiltteri !
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Post 07-Sep-2012 23:55 (after 3 days)


Thanks a heap :)
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Post 16-Sep-2012 21:38 (after 8 days)


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Post 02-Jun-2014 22:31 (after 1 year 8 months)


Superb addition, thanks!
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Post 31-Dec-2015 20:28 (after 1 year 6 months)


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Post 17-Jun-2016 01:17 (after 5 months 16 days)


This looks great,Thanks!
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