Morrissey 2007-05-28 Houston, TX (16-bit) (FLAC) at TTD

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available at The Traders Den
thanks to prof_peabody
Monday May 28, 2007
Veriozon Wireless Theater
Houston, TX
Taper: prof_peabody
Location: FOB DFC
Source: AT943 -> PS-2 -> R-09 (24/48)
Transfer: USB -> Wavelab 5 edits (dither with UV22HR) -> CDWAVE -> FLAC
- Do not sell this live recording
- Do not encode to lossy formats (mp3)
- Do not post remaster without taper's consent
I added gain during the second track where I had originally decreased levels at the show. Original WAVE files were dithered from 24/48 to 16/44.1 using the the UV22HR algorithm.
I was impressed because I saw three of the most impressive cup tosses in my life. The firt toss came from about 40-50 yds back. As the cup travelled this huge rainbow path (maybe 25 ft high) you could see that it was half full, and wasn't losing anything during flight. The plastic cup crashed about 2 feet from the feet of the keyboards/trumpet/accordian/guitar player, the cup seem to explode and the liquid went everywhere. I've seen a lot of cup tosses, but this one takes the cake. About 30 minutes later, I saw the exact same thing, and I mean exact. The guy who plays everything gets it again, a half full glass from long range.
Later, as I was standing by the board I see this cup fly over my head and hit the soundboard, juicy shit everywhere. You can hear the guy next to me say "that's fucked up dude. "I heard a crackle on the PA, but the board held up. I was surprised that a few patrons pointed the guy out, I didn't see what ensued but it sounded nasty. I think the audience was pretty lucky, because it sounded like only one channel was toast (a lot of static when they slid the slider). After that it turned into a big shout along by the board (everyday is sunday is the queue for all the really drunk people to tune in I guess), and then some teenage crew had to spill the latest gossip. Despite all this it's still very listenable.
Other random comments:
- Morrissey sweats from his nipples/pecks
- Morrissey tossed two dress shirts into the crowd
- as soon as Morrissey puts another shirt on, the nipple sweat marks show up first
- first time I've seen a crazy guy rush the stage at Verizon Theater
- the sound guy did a great job, the mix sounded great. he didn't drive the PA at the max volume, which was great. I didn't hear the effects of severe gate limiters/compressors
- Morrissey pulled up some chick onstage, then she flipped out and bolted - security tried to grab her and ripped her shirt off, she kept running. I didn't get it at all because Morrissey brought her up on stage from the crowd
01. The Queen is Dead
02. The Last of the Famous International Playboys
03. I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
04. You Have Killed Me
05. In the Future When Alls Well
06. Disappointed
07. The Youngest Was the Most Loved
08. Let Me Kiss You
09. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
10. The National Front Disco
11. At Last I Am Born
12. That's How People Grow Up (NEW SONG)
13. Girlfriend In A Coma
14. The First of the Gang to Die
15. Everyday Is Like Sunday
16. The Boy With a Thorn in His Side
17. Irish Blood, English Heart
18. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
19. Life Is A Pigsty
20. How Soon is Now? /encores
21. Panic
22. You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
# Generated 11/26/2007 9:50:49 PM
6030ce4b6abd1d773424070d8fd6529c *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t01.flac
418fce3e241ff8433167821a471dee1a *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t02.flac
85be96badbd49a7d003c3ba0c0c375c8 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t03.flac
3f0ac22e05c3be3c36d53c55e5500c88 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t04.flac
7dd08012c6389c95d1083f6de9c071b3 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t05.flac
3f7a7e80bb15cdb50ae42db0adbd9f2b *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t06.flac
8529ecc35afca02a05566b23004c3c38 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t07.flac
a4eba0843bd3acdef329dcb1e6593c64 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t08.flac
b51ad989520fc977e3f9eba30da6b49d *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t09.flac
145ac47b8d927298aa1707e625b55bdf *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t10.flac
dda3926b9061bbafa8b9ab4cee583f2e *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t11.flac
9f1dad1459d6823fee806d17cd8fd5fe *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t12.flac
fcb1e4e187cf66a8ddc8347353d6a8f1 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t13.flac
3c3965e6a83f993f7506c1ded90fbc68 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t14.flac
17c1d8ae769d79fbccf65b48f47b115c *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t15.flac
1218fc7264fc535239fcbf051534898b *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t16.flac
30f86a169f292156b790c7d140ab78f6 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t17.flac
4d08c25b814481e503eec32e0f069c5e *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t18.flac
204f602007b2469855ca3ae05657f829 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t19.flac
e986dc8ff15ecf6193c0bf13fd4125a3 *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t20.flac
ad402ed60a92c435bca7976d819b278e *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t21.flac
92128791cdcdfcb6e498af6d90b3ff9c *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t22.flac
91500720fe07ead06614722ede7b28fd *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t23.flac
8c07d3e52dae4cdfd5111bdaf168385d *Morrissey_2007-05-28_t24.flac
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Thanks for this arkil.
For those who aren't part of Trader's Den, is there any interest in having this show posted on this site? If so, I can seed it here - let me know!
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