1983-06-29 Brixton Ace

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Post 20-Sep-2007 05:03


Hi Steve,
this is one of the best recordings of an 83-concert I got from my "hereos" by now.
Thanks for recording, sharing, seeding & for just being a hero too. :)
Greetings Stubs
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john cleese

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Post 07-Oct-2008 13:41 (after 1 year)


Same message as Hacienda gig, it's been a while but looking for a seed.
Thanks in advance again, hopefully.
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Post 22-Oct-2010 22:45 (after 2 years)


Very much looking forward to hearing your master - many thanks for taping and sharing.
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Post 23-Oct-2010 09:08 (after 10 hours)


Thanks for this.
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Post 06-Apr-2012 20:36 (after 1 year 5 months)


Thank you very much.
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Post 19-Jul-2016 17:39 (after 4 years 3 months)


I stumbled onto the site to see if it was worth seeding my own humble tape of 29 June. I'd done a few tape copies for friends back in 84 but nothing serious. Anyway, I downloaded yours and it pisses all over mine! I wasn't a bootlegger - just a gig go-er and having a tape of the night was a bonus, not the main reason for being there. I stood in the middle of any empty hall. Guess you stood much nearer a speaker. Anyway, thanks for saving me the trouble about worrying over converting my TDK AD60 (yes - i had a cout before 'Miserable lie').
I'd still ove to har a copy of the 'pre-steve' version of this. If it had a cut before ' Miserable' then maybe it was derived from my old tape?
Different sources are always welcome, if you can, please share your Master.
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Post 08-Nov-2019 16:32 (after 3 years 3 months)


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