The Smiths - Pablo Cuckoo Tape [Vinyl LP, Lossless Re-Rip]

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crazycol ®

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Post 21-Nov-2015 11:12


The Smiths - Pablo Cuckoo Tape [Vinyl LP, Lossless Re-Rip]
Source Vinyl LP
Track List:-
01 - You've Got Everything Now
02 - Accept Yourself
03 - What Difference Does It Make?
04 - Reel Around The Fountain
05 - These Things Take Time
06 - I Don't Owe You Anything
07 - Hand In Glove
08 - Handsome Devil
09 - Miserable Lie
Vinyl LP > Systemdek IIX Turntable > Systemdek Arm > Linn K9 Cartridge >
Audiolab 8000A Amp [Line Out] > PC > Audacity > Sony Soundforge [Click/Crackle Removal] >
Fairstars Audio Converter [Wav To Flac Conversion [Level 8] > Smiths Torrent > You
Right a year or so ago I ripped this originally via a lossy minidisc lineage.
Well here better late than never is a true lossless version.
It does sound better than via minidisc, so for those that want it here it is.
The only processing that has been done to this is click & crackle removal,
other than that it is untreated.
**Please don't profit (sell) this, freely has it been given to you, so please do likewise.**
**By all means share/swap/seed [especially seed!] but don't sell.**
If you want to convert it to a lossy format who am I to tell you no?
You will do it anyway!
If you do please keep the bit rate as high as you can (320 ideally),
if more people get to hear and enjoy it then all the better,
but please keep these notes with any sharing that you do, thanks.
This is not me wanting thanks it's just that I get files with little or no info with them which is very frustrating,
so please include this info with it.
Ripped & Seeded November 2015 by CC, For All @ Smiths Torrents.
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the Flea

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Post 21-Nov-2015 12:38 (after 1 hour 26 minutes)


As always many thanks :)
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Nice! thanks!
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