1986-10-23 National Ballroom, Kilburn (Dance With Octopuses bootleg)

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Post 01-Sep-2011 01:40


Listening to this now...great, thanks!
on edit...re-reading through the description again, I've noted this part in particular -
"The second best option is the "Higher Rank" and "Unruly Girl" bootleg cds, produced from a radio broadcast cd and featuring 17 songs in great quality,
including "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", "Frankly Mr Shankly" and "How Soon Is Now?" absent from "Rank". "
Has anyone got this latter version, to share?
I ask as I've long loved this gig...I first heard the CD when a friend got it soon after release. At the time I was not a big fan, but I was intrigued, and having an interest in live recordings, got the CD not long after myself.
I was very pleased with it, the truth is, I've always preferred the live version of The Queen Is Dead from this show to the official one, for example.
When I heard about other tracks having been broadcast I was very keen to get those, but despite looking around never found an alternative version (perhaps I didn't go the right way about it, but I did ask around, presumably in the wrong places!).
I'm very grateful to get this it does have a nicer sound than the CD!
If anyone can share the longer "Higher Rank" and "Unruly Girl" versions would love to hear!
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Post 01-Sep-2011 18:23 (after 16 hours)


I'm pretty sure you want the 6music Digital Satellite version, which is here. The quality is pretty much the same as Rank, and has those three extra songs. As passions says, for the remaining songs you'll have to pick an audience recording.
These are what I have on my hard disk.
1986-10-23 - Kilburn, London [DVD, Soundsville Steve, Remastered Audio]
1986-10-23 - Kilburn, London [FLAC, BBC, Dance with Octopuses]
1986-10-23 - Kilburn, London [FLAC, BBC, DSAT]
1986-10-23 - Kilburn, London [FLAC, David Jones, Master]
FYI, when Steve remastered his master video, he used the best quality audio available. Here's what he said:
"I've used 4 different audio sources. The main one is the Rank album, which I've used in its entirety. Then I used the Radio broadcast (most recent Satellite radio version), followed by an audience recording (DJ version) and a few little bits of missing crowd audio from the video soundtrack itself."
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Post 03-Jul-2012 15:07 (after 10 months 1 day)


Sorry to revive tge thread, but does anyone have a vinyl rip of the Bad Boy from a Good Family boot?
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Post 25-Jul-2012 20:58 (after 22 days)


I want to hear the 'Meat Is Murder' track. Sigh :cry:
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Post 20-Aug-2012 00:46 (after 25 days)


Hello All,
Can someone re-seed this torrent, please?
Thank you for your time.
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Post 30-Jul-2019 00:40 (after 6 years 11 months)


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