1985-05-18 Madrid 85 minute version

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This is similar to a concert I seeded last year, but I cut out about 5 minutes of crowd noise from that, to make it CD size. Here is the full version.
About the concert
18th May 1985 on the Paseo de Camoens, a boulevard in Madrid. It was a free concert, paid for by the city, with The Smiths supported by a Spanish band called Furnish Time. It was broadcast on Spanish TV and was by far the biggest gig The Smiths ever played. In the talky bits from the TV broadcast, the figure of 300,000 is mentioned a number of times - make of that what you will. You would think it might have been something that would have been trumpeted in the UK but, in typical Smiths style, they managed to sack the person who did their PR (the late, lamented Scott Piering) at precisely the same time.
01. Montagues And Capulets (intro)
02. William It Was Really Nothing
03. Nowhere Fast
04. I Want The One I Can't Have
05. What She Said
06. How Soon Is Now?
07. Handsome Devil
08. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
09. Shakespeare's Sister
10. Rusholme Ruffians
11. The Headmaster Ritual
12. Hand In Glove
13. Still Ill
14. Meat Is Murder
15. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
16. Miserable Lie
17. Barbarism Begins At Home
18. This Charming Man
19. You've Got Everything Now
About the remaster
The source is the soundtrack to the TV broadcast as seeded here. There's a bit of shimmer, but it is among the best quality recordings of a Smiths concert in existence (I'd, erm, rank it maybe 6th or 7th). The main thing I have fixed is the dropouts that occur once or twice in each song. This has been done seamlessly except in This Charming Man, where you hear what can only be described as a Morrissey Ricochet during the guitar intro. There was one fix that wasn't so seemless during Still Ill on the version previously seeded, but I have now improved that. I've also EQed it and made a few other improvements.
Technical note for escapist, who is making YouTube videos at the moment: this is faster than the video by 0.05%. And, if you do marry the audio to the video, please consider seeding here, not just giving it to Google.
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Big big thanks
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Thank you
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Many thanks!
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Thank you, thank you!
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