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I did not know this, but it makes sense as Marr was remastering the catalogue that became "The Sound of the Smiths"
Nice article and a good read...
‘For four days re-forming the Smiths was a very real prospect’:
an exclusive extract from Johnny Marr’s new memoir
Unfortunately for the Smiths, I wasn’t consulted when our catalogue was remastered for CDs in the 1990s. The albums sounded wrong, and I was determined to put things right. After a lot of struggle, I reached an agreement with Morrissey and Warners. I would master all the records again with a top engineer so our catalogue would be as it should be, once and for all.
When I analysed the records, I was struck by how good the band were, and how young. I recalled the exact intention and emotion that went into every note and word, and I texted Morrissey and Andy Rourke and said, “You can really hear the love in it.” I got a nice reply from both of them.
The negotiations with Warners meant that Morrissey and I were in a rare period of communication. One day in September 2008 we were only a couple of miles apart in south Manchester and arranged to meet up in a pub nearby. I was happy to see him – it was 10 years or more since we’d last met. We caught up with personal news and family and reminisced a bit.
Then our conversation turned to deeper things. Morrissey started to talk about how our relationship had become owned by the outside world, usually in a negative way. We had been defined by each other in most areas of our professional life. I appreciated him mentioning it, because it was true.
The drinks kept coming and we sat talking for hours. We chatted, as we always did, about the records we loved, and eventually we moved on to “that subject”. There had been rumours for years that the Smiths were about to re-form, and they were always untrue. I had never pursued any offer.
Suddenly we were talking about the possibility of the band re-forming, and in that moment it seemed that with the right intention it could actually be done and might even be great. I would still work with the Cribs on our album, and Morrissey also had an album due out. We hung out for a while longer, and after even more orange juice (for me) and even more beer (for him) we hugged and said our goodbyes.
I was genuinely pleased to be back in touch with Morrissey, and the Cribs and I talked about the possibility of me playing some shows with the Smiths. For four days it was a very real prospect. We would have to get someone new on drums, but if the Smiths wanted to re-form it would make a hell of a lot of people very happy, and with all our experience we might even be better than before.
Morrissey and I continued our dialogue and planned to meet up again. I went to Mexico with the Cribs, and then suddenly there was radio silence. Our communication ended, and things went back to how they were and how I expect they always will be.
And also here...
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He was remastering their whole catalogue, a Box Set of 8 discs called "The Smiths - Complete" which came out in 2011. "The Sound of the Smiths" is a compilation disc, and it came out in 2008.
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