Morrissey / Marr secret recording sessions in the 90s?

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Ok, can anybody shed any light on this tantalizing tidbit?
I stumbled across a 16 year old thread on morrissey-solo talking about a potential unreleased Smiths song called "Arcana" (The common theory is it's either an admin error on the BMI website or a bad translation from a foreign language version of a song we already know).
However, two replies piqued my interest…
I find it interesting that you guys are not talking about this. Looking at the information in the BMI site, it looks like "Arcana" is a recently registered song, since it lists Mozz's company (Bona Relations) and Marr's (Warner-Tamerlane, the same he currently uses with Electronic). Before The Smiths breakup, there wasn't Bona Relations, obviously … In any case, could this be the result from the rumoured Mozz/Marr's sessions in LA last year?
Another similar bombshell was mentioned a few days later, in response to a Johnny Marr fan Q&A where the guitarist claimed he had no knowledge of 'Arcana'…
Three thoughts occur about Arcana: 1) It was a Smiths leftover Moz finished without Johnny's knowledge and only later registered. 2) It was a track the two of them concocted around the time of their Vauxhall & I "reunion" and Johnny is being liberal with the truth. 3) Er, it doesn't actually exist...
So… that would be TWO different reunions / recording sessions, one in 1999 and one ~1994.
This is literally the first i've heard of these rumours. Interestingly, nobody else on the thread reacted like "OMG WHAT SESSION ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" as if it was common knowledge at the time. Obviously, even if true, nothing came of them or the world would know about it. Can anyone shed anymore light on this? Or at least reveal the source of the rumours?
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"Arcana" is probably a retitled foreign-language cover version of a Smiths song.
Here's another example from the BMI database, which is "Everyday Is Like Sunday", covered by Spanish pop singer Mikel Erentxun.
Johnny Rogan had a theory that Johnny secretly played on Your Arsenal, but I don't believe it was based on very much apart from him thinking some of the guitars sounded like Johnny. He wrote about his theory in the NME in about 93 or 94. I don't think there's any other basis for supposing that there was ever a secret recording session with the two of them.
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