Songs That Changed Your Life - Disc 5 - Derby'83/Belfast'86

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I have a feeling Disc4 ("Vinyl Rarities") wouldn't be allowed here as it's more pirate than bootleg.
So onto Disc 5:-
All comments from an online review of the box set.
Derby Assembly Rooms - December 6th, 1983:
Handsome Devil,
Still ill,
This Charming Man,
Pretty Girls Make Graves,
Reel Around The Fountain,
What Difference Does It Make?,
Miserable Lie,
This Night Has Opened My Eyes,
Hand In Glove,
These Things Take Time,
You’ve Got Everything Now.
Belfast Queen’s University - February 12nd, 1986:
Stretch Out & Wait,
That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore,
Nowhere Fast,
What She Said,
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side,
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,
Bigmouth Strikes Again,
Meat Is Murder,
William It Was Really Nothing,
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,
Hand In Glove
Source-Songs That Changed Your Life Boot (Silver CD)
The fifth and final audio disc is similar three with two tapes, one from the beginning and ending of The Smith’s career. The first half is devoted to the December 6th, 1983 Derby show recorded by the Old Grey Whistle Test for the BBC and broadcast many times.
They begin with “Handsome Devil” and “Still Ill.” Morrissey introdduces ”Pretty Girls Make Graves” saying ”A little quirk… a little quirk friends… pretty girls make!” During “Reel Around The Fountain” he handed one of the bead necklaces he was wearing to someone in the crowd. He changed a line in “What Difference Does It Make?” to “I think i can rely on me.”
During “Miserable Lie” someone in the audience threw a flower towards the stage and hit Morrissey in the eye. He leaves the stage and the band finsh the song as an instrumental, but he returns in time to sing the “I need advice, I need advice”, adding at the end “and so do you!” for the rowdy audience. He remained playful following this, but Johnny Marr later said in an interview that this was his most embarrassing moment. Actually in the 1985 programme for the Meat Is Murder tour, he said this concert was his “greatest embarrassment.”
Morrissey changes a few lines in “This Night Has Opened My Eyes” to “this night has opened my eyes and I will never see again”, “The dream has gone, the crying is real” and “And I’m never happy and I’m neversad”. “Hand In Glove” was introduced by Morrissey with a high pitched shout of “Hand In Glove!!!” During that song someone made it on stage and hugged Morrissey, making him miss a few lines. After “These Things Take Time”, Morrissey just shouted “Goodbye! Stay handsome… goodbye…” and the band left.
For the encore they start ”You’ve Got Everything Now” but the stage became crowded with fans. Band members disappeared from view and Morrissey could barely sing his lines. He tried as best he could but made strangling noises as he was pulled left and right and tried not to get drowned in a sea of dancing people. The stage got filled with as many fans as was physically possible. It was one of the Smiths’ first major stage invasions.
The second half of the disc contains most of the February 12th, 1986 Belfast show from a very good to excellent audience tape. The first six songs, “Shakespeare’s Sister,” “I Want The One I Can’t Have,” “Vicar In A Tutu,” “(Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame/Rusholme Ruffians,” “Cemetery Gates” and “Still Ill.”
The setlist was a typical one for this period with the band playing songs that would appear on The Queen Is Dead. The audience is very vocal and after ”Vicar In A Tutu”, Morrissey says, “That was a new song called, called…” is drowned out by the audience’s cheering. After “Nowhere Fast”, Johnny teased the audience with the first notes of “This Charming Man”.
Before “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” he announced “This is another new song so listen…” When they return for the final encore, Morrissey apologised in a strained voice “Sorry about the voice, it’s just about to go” and dedicated the next song “This is for our dear friends The June Brides… sweet boys… ‘Hand In Glove’!” A very good show from the last months of their live career.
For your info,the tracklist for the not uploaded disc 4 is as follows:-
Accept Yourself (Studio Version) - This Charming Man CD1
The Draize Train (Studio Version) - Panic CD
Work Is A Four Letter Word - Sweet and Tender Hooligan CD
I Keep Mine Hidden - Sweet and Tender Hooligan CD
Handsome Devil (Hacienda 1983) - Handsome Devils Promo CD
Hand In Glove (London 1983) - There Is A Light CD1
Girl Afraid (live Paris 1984) - El Dorado (bootleg)
William It Was Really Nothing (Oxford 1985) - Same Day Again (bootleg)
Nowhere Fast (Oxford 1985) - The Headmaster Ritual/That Joke Isn’t Funny
Anymore CD
What She Said (Oxford 1985) - Same Day Again (bootleg) and NME rarity
Stretch Out and Wait (Oxford 1985) - The Headmaster Ritual/That Joke
Isn’t Funny Anymore CD
Shakespeare’s Sister (Oxford 1985) - The Headmaster Ritual/That Joke
Isn’t Funny Anymore CD
Meat Is Murder (Oxford 1985) - The Headmaster Ritual/That Joke Isn’t
Funny Anymore CD
Miserable Lie (Oxford 1985) - Same Day Again (bootleg) and COMPILATION
Sampler rarity
What’s The World (Glasgow 1985) - Sweet and Tender Hooligan CD
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Brixton 1986) - There Is A Light CD1
Rusholme Ruffians (Peel) - Last Night I Dreamt CD
Nowhere Fast (Peel) - Last Night I Dreamt CD
William It Was Really Nothing (Peel) - Last Night I Dreamt CD
Hand In Glove (Sandie Shaw) - There Is A Light CD2
I Don’t Owe You Anything (Sandie Shaw) - There Is A Light CD2
Jeane (Sandie Shaw) - There Is A Light CD2
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Thank you!
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Thank you very much!
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Thank you so much! I never realized that there were this many discs in the box. I am grateful to have discovered these!! xoxoxo
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