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I finally decided to upgrade my home network and thought I would share my setup. Here were my requirements:
1. Ability to stream HD video
2. Ability to stream my entire music collection in wav, flac, mp3, aac, etc. formats
3. Access to netflix, hulu, amazon, etc.
So here is what I ended up with:
1. To be able to stream HD video I went with powerline adapters. Since my house is not wire for ethernet and because I felt wireless-N would be pushing the limits, I decided on this product:
I bought 3 packs of the above for a total of 6 adapters. I configured them thusly:
1. Adapter in basement plugged into wireless router. Wireless router has a server, cable modem, 2 TB external disk and printer attached to it. Server is ubuntu 12.10 and is a 6 to 8 year old gateway desktop. Router is a dual-band gigabit ethernet / 900 Mbps wireless: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005KG44V0/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00
The 2 TB disk is a backup of the disk attached to the ubuntu server. Since my server is so old and only 10/100 Mpbs, I wanted to have the streaming of media come directly from the
router. The server itself pretty much just sits there and serves up my music collection via subsonic(www.subsonic.org) and runs vuze and hosts a bevy of external disk drives.
2. Adapter in the den on the first floor is plugged into the Tivo
3. Adapter in the second floor office is plugged into a windows box which shares a couple of printers as well as grabs video off the tivo boxes and converts them to other formats
4. Adapter in my daughter's room connected to her Wii.
5. Adapter in the master bedroom connected to a Tivo and Blu-Ray (these devices are also 10/100 Mbps--that's why I also have adapter #6 below)
6. Adapter in the master bedroom connected to Western Digital 1 TB WD TV Live Hub Media Center. This device is the coup de gras in my system. Can play just about any media type found on any shared drive in the house (whether the device is on my basement server, connected to the router, or on the office windows box). What I realllly love about the device is how well it can play various file types. In fact, I think that I get best results from iso files. I.e., I've been taking the DVDs I've downloaded from here and converting them to iso images. It's the same quality and less fuss than actually burning DVD copies. Details on the Media Center device are found here:
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