Where can I find a torrent of K-ON!! Second Season?

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Post 25-May-2011 06:39


I've been watching the series online, but it loads so slow it's sad... It would be so much easier if I could just open a file and play it, you know!? Especially since I have a bad connection and I don't wanna have to keep Anime Freak's website open all day just to wait for it to load. And then buffer every five seconds...
ANYWAY, I've had little luck finding a complete download that has subtitles. Anyone know where I can find such a thing?
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Post 25-May-2011 07:23 (after 44 minutes)


Haven't a clue what you're talking about, this is just for The Smiths and related music.
ThePirateBay may help you.
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the Flea

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Post 25-May-2011 09:00 (after 1 hour 37 minutes)


That's a random post and a half lol
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